Insect Societies and Sociality

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The Section Insect Societies and Sociality focuses on any aspect of the biology and ecology of social insects, from understanding the molecular, developmental, and physiological processes to behavior, social organization, and ecological aspects. These include but are not limited to caste determination, polyphenism, social influences on development, the regulation of division of labor, the regulation of reproduction, communication, kin structure, social foraging, nest structure and function, and any aspect of social and collective behavior. We are also interested in theoretical, conceptual, and modeling contributions on both the function and evolution of sociality and social behavior in insects. In addition to more traditional social insect models such as ants, termites, bees, and wasps, we will also publish contributions dealing with the social behavior or social organization of species from all insect orders.


  • Social behavior
  • Social complexity, sociality, insect societies, social organization
  • Caste determination, caste differentiation, polyphenism
  • Division of labor, task allocation, task performance
  • Dominance, regulation of reproduction
  • Communication, pheromones
  • Kin selection, kin structure, multilevel selection
  • Major transitions in evolution, evolution of insect sociality, social evolution
  • Social foraging, collective group behavior
  • Nest structure and function

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