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Environmental Science and Engineering

A section of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (ISSN 1660-4601).

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Healthy environmental systems not only improve natural systems, but also human wellbeing-based public health systems. Furthermore, applying and developing environmental engineering techniques and knowledge to solve environmental issues such as pollution, and public health issues such as hazardous risk prevention, is crucial. Accordingly, environmental engineering approaches to solutions are fundamental to maintaining healthy environmental systems; and to reducing public health hazards, such as contamination-control, -treatment, and -prevention (e.g., water, air, soil), for hazard exposure reduction.

Environmental engineering studies investigate, analyze, and predict with suitable environmental models, how exposure to hazardous materials occurs in various environments. In doing so, environmental engineering studies contribute to solving public health challenges by producing valuable analytical insights that engage public health prevention management; and workable engineering solutions to reduce disease and prevent hazard exposure for human wellbeing.  


  • Environmental pollution and remediation
  • Environmental quality and treatment
  • Environmental modeling and exposure or risk assessment
  • Environmental engineering techniques in public health
  • Environmental toxicological assessment
  • Environmental systems and public health
  • Environmental management and public health
  • Environmental governance and public health

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