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Environment and Applied Ecology

A section of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (ISSN 1660-4601).

Section Information

This section focuses on original research and reviews regarding environment and ecology, specifically applied ecology and its potentialities in supporting the management of the environment.  The Section is interested also in conceptual articles and commentaries. The research and studies on data-bases, modelling approaches and technologies applied to ecology and environment are the starting point of the future, in order to comply with the new concept of Circular Economy. Legislative frameworks connected with the environmental footprint of the urban ecology must be valorised, thanks to more and more innovative available tools.

In this framework, studies concerning the following topics are welcome as well as other related topics, in the form of both interdisciplinary and specialized manuscripts:

  • community, ecosystem and global ecology;
  • biometrics, theoretical and quantitative ecology;
  • applied microbiology, biotechnology and public health microbiology;
  • aquatic resources, biomonitoring;
  • water scarcity, water quality and water management;
  • multidisciplinary agricultural and environmental research;
  • sustainable and organic agriculture, natural resource management;
  • clean energy and sustainability;
  • environmental protection, environmental management and sustainability;
  • environmental analysis and measurements;
  • health and environment;
  • ecological methodology, monitoring and modeling;
  • biodiversity and ecosystem research;
  • ecological economics, natural capital and ecosystem services;
  • climatology, meteorology, climate-ecology, climate change and environment

This Section welcomes proposals for special issues on specific subjects in the field of environment and applied ecology.

Prof. Dr. Elena Cristina Rada
Section Editor-in-Chief

Papers Published

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