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The Key Techno-Economic and Manufacturing Drivers for Reducing the Cost of Power-to-Gas and a Hydrogen-Enabled Energy System
by George Bristowe and Andrew Smallbone
Aspects of Hydrogen and Biomethane Introduction in Natural Gas Infrastructure and Equipment
by Filipe M. Quintino, Nuno Nascimento and Edgar C. Fernandes
Solid-State Hydrogen Storage for a Decarbonized Society
by Claudio Pistidda
Role of Ultrasonic Shot Peening in Environmental Hydrogen Embrittlement Behavior of 7075-T6 Alloy
by Mahdieh Safyari and Masoud Moshtaghi
Geochemical Effects on Storage Gases and Reservoir Rock during Underground Hydrogen Storage: A Depleted North Sea Oil Reservoir Case Study
by Motaz Saeed, Prashant Jadhawar and Stefano Bagala
Hydrogen Jet Fire from a Thermally Activated Pressure Relief Device (TPRD) from Onboard Storage in a Naturally Ventilated Covered Car Park
by Harem Hussein, Síle Brennan and Vladimir Molkov
Combined Cooling and Power Management Strategy for a Standalone House Using Hydrogen and Solar Energy
by Hugo Lambert, Robin Roche, Samir Jemeï, Pascal Ortega and Daniel Hissel
Nanoengineering of Catalysts for Enhanced Hydrogen Production
by Jhonatan Luiz Fiorio, Maitê Lippel Gothe, Emerson Cristofer Kohlrausch, Maria Luísa Zardo, Auro Atsushi Tanaka, Roberto Batista de Lima, Anderson Gabriel Marques da Silva, Marco Aurélio Suller Garcia, Pedro Vidinha and Giovanna Machado
Hydrogen Sulfide: A Robust Combatant against Abiotic Stresses in Plants
by Kanika Khanna, Nandni Sharma, Sandeep Kour, Mohd. Ali, Puja Ohri and Renu Bhardwaj
Hydrogen Sorption Properties of a Novel Refractory Ti-V-Zr-Nb-Mo High Entropy Alloy
by Anis Bouzidi, Laetitia Laversenne, Guilherme Zepon, Gavin Vaughan, Vivian Nassif and Claudia Zlotea
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The Renewable Hydrogen–Methane (RHYME) Transportation Fuel: A Practical First Step in the Realization of the Hydrogen Economy
by John G. Ingersoll
Blocking Hydrogen Diffusion in Palladium Cathode i—Analyzed by Electrochemistry; ii—Analyzed by Chaos
by Gilbert Bellanger
Molecular Hydrogen as Medicine: An Assessment of Administration Methods
by Grace Russell, Alexander Nenov, Hesham Kisher and John T. Hancock
The Key Techno-Economic and Manufacturing Drivers for Reducing the Cost of Power-to-Gas and a Hydrogen-Enabled Energy System
by George Bristowe and Andrew Smallbone
Cushion Gas in Hydrogen Storage—A Costly CAPEX or a Valuable Resource for Energy Crises?
by Niklas Heinemann, Mark Wilkinson, Kate Adie, Katriona Edlmann, Eike Marie Thaysen, Aliakbar Hassanpouryouzband and Robert Stuart Haszeldine
Repetitive Bathing and Skin Poultice with Hydrogen-Rich Water Improve Wrinkles and Blotches Together with Modulation of Skin Oiliness and Moisture
by Yoshiharu Tanaka and Nobuhiko Miwa
Plastic and Waste Tire Pyrolysis Focused on Hydrogen Production—A Review
by Gaweł Sołowski, Marwa Shalaby and Fethi Ahmet Özdemir
µ-CT Investigation of Hydrogen-Induced Cracks and Segregation Effects in Austenitic Stainless Steel
by Gero Egels, Simon Schäffer, Santiago Benito and Sebastian Weber
Reducing Hydrogen Boil-Off Losses during Fuelling by Pre-Cooling Cryogenic Tank
by Fardin Ghaffari-Tabrizi, Jan Haemisch and Daniela Lindner
Drone Delivery of Dehydro-Sulfurization Utilizing Doubly-Charged Negative Ions of Nanoscale Catalysts Inspired by the Biomimicry of Bee Species’ Bio-Catalysis of Pollen Conversion to Organic Honey
by Kelvin L. Suggs, Duminda K. Samarakoon and Alfred Z. Msezane
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