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Humanities publishes Special Issues to create collections of papers on specific topics, with the aim of building a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors, who are experts on the topic. The journal’s Editor-in-Chief and/or designated EBM will oversee Guest Editor appointments and Special Issue proposals, checking their content for relevance and ensuring the suitability of the material for the journal. The papers published in a Special Issue will be collected and displayed on a dedicated page of the journal’s website. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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The Eighteenth-Century Novel and History
edited by Flavio Gregori
submission deadline 30 Apr 2024 | Viewed by 306 | Submission Open
(This special issue belongs to the Section Literature in the Humanities)
Islamic Art and Architecture in Europe submission deadline 1 May 2024 | Viewed by 415 | Submission Open
Keywords: Islamic art; Islamic architecture; artistic transfers; Europe; Al-Andalus; Ottomans; Fatimids; Norman Sicily; Mudejar art; Orientalism
(This special issue belongs to the Section Cultural Studies & Critical Theory in the Humanities)
Legacy of Gothic Tradition in Horror Fiction
edited by
submission deadline 31 May 2024 | Viewed by 683 | Submission Open
21st Century Racial Narratives in US Culture: Public Engagement
edited by Jennifer Ho
submission deadline 1 Jun 2024 | Viewed by 1463 | Submission Open
Keywords: race; racism; intersectionality; critical race theory; public humanities
Care in the Environmental Humanities
edited by Alice Hall and Thomas Houlton
submission deadline 1 Jun 2024 | Viewed by 321 | Submission Open
Keywords: care; environmental humanities; interdependence and intersectionality; ecofeminism; queer and Black ecologies; indigenous and postcolonial perspectives
Politics in Literature and Film submission deadline 30 Jun 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 2204 | Submission Open
Discourses of Madness
edited by
submission deadline 30 Jun 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 2069 | Submission Open
Keywords: madness; discourse; pathology; poetics; textuality; marginality; deviance; alienation
Prague German Circle(s): Stable Values in Turbulent Times?
edited by Traci S. O'Brien
submission deadline 1 Jul 2024 | Viewed by 204 | Submission Open
Victorian Realism and Crime
edited by Melissa Raines and Sam Saunders
submission deadline 31 Jul 2024 | Viewed by 1983 | Submission Open
Comparative Literature and World Literature: Toward a Global Cultural Community through a New Cosmopolitanism
edited by Anfeng Sheng
submission deadline 1 Aug 2024 | Viewed by 248 | Submission Open
Keywords: comparative literature; world literature(s); global cultural community; new cosmopolitanisms; cultural tolerance; cultural encounters; cultural identity
(This special issue belongs to the Section Literature in the Humanities)
African American Children's Literature
edited by
submission deadline 19 Aug 2024 | 6 articles | Viewed by 18835 | Submission Open
Keywords: children’ s literature; race; United States literature; intersectionality; childism
(This special issue belongs to the Section Literature in the Humanities)
Re-imagining Classical Monsters
edited by
submission deadline 31 Aug 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 2048 | Submission Open
Keywords: monsters; horror; adaptation; reception; literature; art; film; television; theatre; drama
Depiction of Good and Evil in Fairytales
edited by
submission deadline 31 Aug 2024 | Viewed by 859 | Submission Open
Keywords: shapes of stories; comparative literature; computational humanities; philosophy and literature
Early Modern Literature and the Mediterranean Slave Trade
edited by
submission deadline 31 Aug 2024 | Viewed by 365 | Submission Open
Religious Narratives and Devotional Practices in Early Modern Art: New Research Orientations submission deadline 1 Sep 2024 | Viewed by 352 | Submission Open
Keywords: religious narratives— early modern art; devotional practices; renaissance mysticism and art; baroque art and architecture; postcolonialism and art; gender identity and religion; art and spirituality; symbols in renaissance visual culture
Law and Literature: Graffiti
edited by Lindsay Stern
submission deadline 1 Sep 2024 | Viewed by 276 | Submission Open
Keywords: law; literature; graffiti; media; writing; performance; law-scratching; cultural techniques
Franz Kafka in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
edited by Ruth Gross
submission deadline 1 Sep 2024 | Viewed by 253 | Submission Open
The Effects of Binary Thinking in the Arts and Humanities
edited by Judith Roof
submission deadline 1 Oct 2024 | Viewed by 250 | Submission Open
Keywords: binary; digital; oppositions; narrative; literature; art
Eco-Rebels with a Cause: Representations and Explorations of Politics and Activism in Children's and YA Literature
edited by and Lykke Guanio-Uluru
submission deadline 1 Nov 2024 | Viewed by 769 | Submission Open
Keywords: aesthetics; ethics; UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; environment; the posthuman; Anthropocene
Hölderlin and Poetic Transport
edited by Priscilla Hayden-Roy
submission deadline 1 Nov 2024 | Viewed by 264 | Submission Open
Keywords: Friedrich Hö lderlin; German poet; transport; metaphor; translation
Godzilla at 70: The Giant Monster’s Legacy in Global Popular Culture
edited by
submission deadline 3 Nov 2024 | Viewed by 723 | Submission Open
Keywords: monsters; kaijū; giants; dinosaurs; Godzilla; disaster; climate change; film; television; comics; literature; video games; globalisation; popular culture
(This special issue belongs to the Section Cultural Studies & Critical Theory in the Humanities)
Imagining the Law: American Literature and Justice
edited by Richard Schur
submission deadline 15 Nov 2024 | Viewed by 137 | Submission Open
Keywords: law; American literary texts; justice
Feminism and Comics Studies
edited by Jane Tolmie
submission deadline 30 Nov 2024 | Viewed by 482 | Submission Open
Keywords: comics studies; comics; feminist studies; feminism; reproductive justice; (dis)ability; bodymind; comics and human rights
Anglophone Riot
edited by Daniel DeWispelare and Victoria Barnett-Woods
submission deadline 30 Nov 2024 | Viewed by 111 | Submission Open
Keywords: riot; literature; anglophone world
Evidence Unfolded: Digital Humanities Applications for Provenience, Provenance and Context
edited by and Hirofumi Sugawara
submission deadline 1 Dec 2024 | Viewed by 1196 | Submission Open
Keywords: digital humanities; provenance research; provenience; cultural property; interdisciplinary studies; cultural heritage preservation; heritage science; 3D imaging; forgery; museums and archives
Rise of a New World: Postcolonialism and Caribbean Literature
edited by Curdella Forbes and Kezia Page
submission deadline 1 Dec 2024 | Viewed by 34 | Submission Open
Keywords: Caribbean literature; postcolonialism; crises of the globalizing present; multiple diasporas; decolonial self-determination; rise of a new world
Transnational, Intermedial and Computational Perspectives on European Popular Print
edited by Jeroen Salman and Juan Gomis Coloma
submission deadline 6 Dec 2024 | Viewed by 38 | Submission Open
Keywords: European popular print; popular images; digital humanities approaches
World Mythology and Its Connection to Nature and/or Ecocriticism
edited by
submission deadline 10 Dec 2024 | 3 articles | Viewed by 9185 | Submission Open
Keywords: world mythology; ecocriticism; mythic studies; environmental studies; hero’ s journey/quest
(This special issue belongs to the Section Literature in the Humanities)
Child Migration Experiences in Fiction, Film and Visual Art
edited by Odile Heynders
submission deadline 15 Dec 2024 | Viewed by 112 | Submission Open
Keywords: child migration; displacement; experience; resilience; imagination; fiction; art; film
Global Antiracism submission deadline 31 Dec 2024 | 3 articles | Viewed by 3635 | Submission Open
Keywords: Black Lives Matter; anti-blackness; critical race theory; afropessimism; racial capitalism; solidarity movements; settler colonialism; indigeneity; decoloniality; antisemitism; Islamophobia; Global South; political economy; libidinal economy
(This special issue belongs to the Section Transdisciplinary Humanities)
Music and the Written Word
edited by
submission deadline 31 Dec 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 2238 | Submission Open
Hybridity and Border Crossings in Contemporary North American Poetry
edited by Ann Keniston
submission deadline 4 Jan 2025 | Viewed by 21 | Submission Open
Keywords: North American poetry; criticism; hybridity and border crossings
Sexuality and Literacy in Early Medieval England
edited by Lisa Weston
submission deadline 14 Feb 2025 | Viewed by 439 | Submission Open
The Interpretation of Fictional Characters in Literary Texts: History of Literary Criticism, Philosophy and Formal Ontologies
edited by Gaia Tomazzoli, Emilio Maria Sanfilippo and Michele Paolini Paoletti
submission deadline 28 Feb 2025 | Viewed by 123 | Submission Open
Keywords: literary characters; literary fiction; literary criticism; fictional objects; formal ontologies; digital humanities; information systems; medieval Italian literature; metaphysics
Shakespearean Performance: Contemporary Approaches, Findings, and Practices
edited by Cynthia Lewis
submission deadline 31 Mar 2025 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1189 | Submission Open
(This special issue belongs to the Section Transdisciplinary Humanities)
The Power of Superhero Literature: Applying the Lessons of Superheroes to Real Life
edited by Gian S. Pagnucci and Sandra Eckard
submission deadline 31 Mar 2025 | Viewed by 249 | Submission Open
Keywords: superheroes; comic books; graphic novels; teaching; film studies; social justice; health and well-being in literature; heroism; problem solving; sidekicks; life lessons
Aqueous Instabilities
edited by Camille Mathieu and
submission deadline 1 Apr 2025 | Viewed by 470 | Submission Open
Keywords: mississippi river valley basin; art; history; literature; culture; indigenous studies; african-american studies; colonialism in early america; early modern; contemporary
Reading J. M. Coetzee’s Letters
edited by Michela Borzaga
submission deadline 31 May 2025 | Viewed by 14 | Submission Open
Keywords: epistolary Coetzee; epistolary novel and Coetzee’ s writings; epistolary poetics; letters and authorship; letters as literary ‘ events’ ; Coetzee’ s letters and the archive; letters and heterotopic spaces; epistolarity and trauma
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