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Spanish Society of Horticultural Sciences (SECH)

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The Spanish Society of Horticultural Sciences, SECH, is a nonprofit society that was created in 1981 aiming to generate scientific, technical and social interest in all branches of horticulture. A work that joins the responsibility of stimulating both scientific research and the necessary dissemination and training as a mean for the development of knowledge.

It is formed by more than 400 Scientifics, technicians, professional and business partners that develop their activity in Horticulture and Fruit culture research areas. It is organized in 13 Working Groups which are implied in numerous activities such as the organization of the National Congress and the Iberian Congress in collaboration with the Portuguese Horticultural Association.

Currently, several members of the SECH are in charge of international working groups from the International Society of Horticultural Sciences (ISHS) being, in some cases, the head of commissions or sections. This clearly reflects the level of research and international recognition of our Society. All these activities, performed since its foundation, have obtained a progressive integration of the SECH in the national and international scientific community.

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