Medicinals, Herbs, and Specialty Crops

A section of Horticulturae (ISSN 2311-7524).

Section Information

The Medicinals, Herbs, and Specialty Crops Section publishes original manuscripts of diverse types related to all aspects of the production of medicinal and aromatic plants and specialty crops. The full supply chain from crop development to postharvest handling and processing for botanical, herbal, supplement, and cosmetic products will be considered. The Section covers research on traditional or innovative production techniques, domestication and propagation techniques, crop management, plant physiology and phytochemistry, mechanization and automation, postharvest storage and processing, and extraction techniques, all aimed at meeting the quality and safety demands of the supply chain.

We welcome high quality submissions related to specialty crops, which may include basic and applied studies. Full experimental and methodological details must be provided for research articles.

In particular, Medicinals, Herbs, and Specialty Crops welcomes contributions by early career researchers and propositions for research topics. In addition, we invite senior scientists to initiate and serve as Guest Editors of new Special Issues on a single and particular theme in medicinal and aromatic plants, herbs and botanicals, mushrooms, microgreens and sprouts, and edible and herbal flowers, as well as in food, feed, and ornamental specialty crops.


  • cropping systems
  • agronomy
  • sustainability
  • product quality
  • cultivation advances
  • processing techniques
  • bioactive compounds
  • nutraceuticals
  • botanicals
  • herbs
  • spices
  • cosmetics
  • dyes
  • supplements
  • culinary herbs
  • edible mushrooms
  • edible flowers
  • edible plants
  • specialty crops

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