Developmental Physiology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology

A section of Horticulturae (ISSN 2311-7524).

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The Developmental Physiology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology Section publishes original manuscripts of diverse types related to the physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology of horticultural crops under open-field and protected cultivation and postharvest handling, including vegetables, fruit trees, vines, flowers, and ornamental, aromatic, and medicinal plants.

We intend to contribute to a wider and more detailed knowledge concerning the genetic, molecular, and physiological processes that occur in the organs of horticultural crops, and how plants respond to both pre- and post-harvest factors. Such knowledge will increase the productivity and product quality of horticultural crops. Because the market and health values of horticultural products are linked to traits such as texture, flavors, aromas, and nutraceutical/antioxidant content, studies on environmental, technological, and genetic factors controlling the above-mentioned traits will be particularly welcome.

We expect high-class submissions regarding both basic and application studies related to the above-mentioned topics.

In particular, Developmental Physiology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology welcomes contributions by early career researchers and propositions for research topics In addition, we invite senior scientists to initiate and serve as Guest Editors of new Special Issues on a single and particular theme.


  • fruit quality
  • vegetable quality
  • plant productivity
  • crop physiology
  • plant metabolism
  • molecular and genetic regulation
  • biotechnology of horticultural and floricultural crops
  • microgreens
  • bioactive compounds
  • plant biostimulants
  • plant nutrition
  • plant tissue culture
  • propagation
  • seed treatment
  • viticulture
  • urban horticulture
  • postharvest physiology
  • hydroponics
  • aquaponics
  • greenhouse production

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