Plant Pathology and Disease Management (PPDM)

A section of Horticulturae (ISSN 2311-7524).

Section Information

The Section Plant Pathology and Disease Management (PPDM) publishes original manuscripts on the causes, mechanisms, and control of plant diseases in horticultural crops including vegetables, fruit trees, vines, berries, ornamental shrubs and trees, flowers, and aromatic and medicinal plants.

Plant diseases severely limit the yield, quality, longevity, and/or aesthetics of all types of horticultural plants. The Section PPDM welcomes submissions describing fundamental and applied research on all plant pathogen types and in all domains of plant pathology (e.g., disease etiology, diagnosis, ecology and epidemiology, plant–pathogen interactions, host resistance, and disease management). All manuscripts received will be judged based on scientific merit and quality of presentation. The editorial board will provide authors with a rapid and helpful peer review, and the open-access format of Horticulturae ensures rapid publication of accepted articles, excellent author services, broad readership, and high impact.

In particular, PPDM welcomes contributions by early-career researchers and proposals for review topics. In addition, we invite senior scientists to initiate and serve as Guest Editors of new Special Issues on timely topics.


  • Bacteriology
  • Biological control
  • Chemical control
  • Cultural control
  • Disease detection and diagnosis
  • Disease ecology and epidemiology
  • Etiology
  • Host resistance
  • Integrated disease management
  • Mycology and fungal biology
  • Nematology
  • Oomycetes
  • Plant–microbe interactions
  • Soilborne diseases
  • Virology

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Topical Advisory Panel

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