Journal History


High-Throughput is launched and is published as a quarterly journal. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Certa is appointed as founding Editor-in-Chief.
2015 Prof. Dr. Massimo Negrini is appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of High-Throughput.
2016 High-Throughput is covered by PubMed in September 2016.
2017 High-Throughput is indexed by Scopus, and undergoes a scope update and a title change in July 2017, from Microarrays to High-Throughput. We aimed at widening the scientific coverage of the journal, which now covers bioinformatics and biostatistics, as well as drug discovery.
2018 High-Throughput has an open Best Paper Award for 2018 (400 USD)
2019 High-Throughput holds the first online Editorial Board meeting on October. Prof. Dr. Paolo Iadarola is appointed as Associate Editor on November.


2012–2014 Prof. Dr. Ulrich Certa
2015– Prof. Dr. Massimo Negrini
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