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This section aims to collect relevant scientific contributions in the broad field of Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT paradigm promises an internetworking environment where a plethora of enabled heterogeneous devices co-exist and act in an autonomic fashion with varying levels of intelligence and capabilities. In the IoT domain, everything (e.g., smart phones, vehicles, wearables) carries sensors and actuators that are interconnected via the Internet, while the high diversity of IoT applications, along with a plethora of network protocols and access techniques, create a promising yet very challenging communication environment. The IoT domain includes man–man, man–machine and machine–machine interactions and communications, allowing users and devices to interact with heterogeneous IoT platforms and systems in a seamless manner, enabling novel applications that promote the penetration of IoT-based solutions to the citizens at large. Such evolutions and developments create an ecosystem of interoperable and heterogeneous IoT platforms that caters for the user's goals, needs, and requirements in order to link the diverse physical devices that can enable multiple cross-domain applications.

This section is soliciting conceptual, theoretical and experimental contributions, discussing and treating challenges, state-of-the-art, and solutions to a set of currently unresolved key questions including, but not limited to, the following themes related to Internet of Things: architecture; infrastructure; communication paradigms; protocols; performance analysis; optimization; orchestration; applications; interoperability; scalability; security; data collection and processing; business and techno-economic aspects, etc. It aims to provide a forum for research from both academia and industry, and will be the perfect journal to disseminate your results to a global community of researchers.

Subject Areas

  • IoT architectures: users-centric, data-centric, service-centric architectures
  • Networks of smart objects: services, protocols and architectures
  • Optimization of the communication in IoT
  • IoT privacy and security
  • SDN and NFV technologies for IoT
  • Practical and innovative uses of IoT networks (Smart cities, Smart Mobility, Smart Home, Smart health, Smart Grid, etc).
  • Orchestration and coordination of devices and resources in IoT networks
  • Large-scale networks of IoT-enabled devices
  • Dynamic adaptation of IoT networks
  • Advances in wireless sensor networks
  • Cyber–Physical Systems
  • Cloud-based IoT solutions
  • Interoperability of IoT Systems: Service discovery and composition, semantic data description
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality interactions in IoT
  • Event processing, understanding and decision making in IoT
  • IoT data analytics and IoT big data networks
  • IoT data management and mining platforms
  • IoT-enabling technologies: sensors, radio frequency identification, low power and energy harvesting, sensor networks, machine-type communication
  • Social Internet of Things
  • IoT test-beds, infrastructures and deployments
  • IoT standards

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