Mathematical Physics

A section of Fractal and Fractional (ISSN 2504-3110).

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Mathematical Physics is a section of the journal Fractal and Fractional, which publishes advanced theoretical works and practical applications on the field of real world problems.

Today, experts use mathematical norms to observe the general and specific properties of real world problems arising in the fields of applied science, physics, mathematics, computers, engineering and environmental science. Usually, these norms help us manage problems in application. Thus, to study newly developed methods and algorithms and also their applications is one of the main aims of this section.

The study of mathematical physics can present a variety tools. Therefore, novel perspectives of newly extracted data are possible using mathematical tools. Mathematical physics is one of the most important ways of understanding the problems arising in nature and in human-related activities, including economy, engineering, comunications and networks, information science, economical problems, graph theory, molecular dynamics, immunology, living organisms, computational systems, physics and mathematical industry. The main aim of Mathematical Physics is to develop a unique understanding of the real world problems through the language of mathematical forms. Its scope contains theoretical perspectives and the application of newly developed ideas arising in mathematical physical fields of nonlinear sciences. All fields of engineering, applied science, health problems, physics, economy, statistics, mathematics, chemistry and other disciplines dealing with Mathematical Physics are within the scope of the Section.

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  • engineering problems;
  • analytical methods;
  • numerical methods;
  • computational mathematics;
  • nonlinear system and applied in physics;
  • information science;
  • comunications theory;
  • bioinformatics;
  • health problems;
  • networks;
  • physics;
  • engineering and applied sciences;
  • economy;
  • statistics;
  • fractals;
  • fractional calculus;
  • nonlinear dynamical systems;
  • graph theory;
  • statistical learning theory;
  • computation topics on energy and environmental science;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • data science;
  • discrete dynamical system.

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