Biological Sciences and Engineering

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The Section ‘Biological Sciences and Engineering’ of Foundations provides an international peer-reviewed open access platform for the rapid publication of results and exchange of knowledge of fundamental importance for the general fields of Biology and Engineering, both broadly defined. The Section publishes high-quality studies and original experimental, computational, or theoretical research in the form of research articles, hypothesis articles, state-of-the-art reviews, rapid communications/letters devoted to breakthroughs, communication of interesting and potentially impactful ideas, and commentaries. Areas of interest in biology include but are not limited to evolutionary biology, developmental biology, structural biology, systems biology, synthetic biology, genomic science, molecular biology, biochemistry, neurosciences and biology of mind, complexity of biological systems, biomathematics, biophysics, bioinformatics, and computational biology. Areas of interest in bioengineering include but are not limited to genetic and biomedical engineering, biological systems engineering, bioprocess, biochemical and environmental engineering, neural engineering, and biomechanics and biorobotic engineering. The Section offers high-quality peer review followed by a rapid publication decision. Topics covered include but are not limited to those listed as keywords below.


  • Bioinformation
  • Biocomplexity
  • Bioenergy and bioproduct innovation
  • Biological systems
  • Biological organization
  • Biological macromolecules
  • Biometry
  • Biosystem design
  • Biotechnology and synthetic biology
  • Cellular and organismal physiology
  • Development
  • Ecology
  • Engineered living systems
  • Evolution
  • Genomes
  • Genomic diagnostics
  • Genomic security
  • Biology of global change
  • Higher organisms
  • Infection and disease
  • Innate and adaptive immunity
  • Microbes and parasites
  • Microbiomes
  • Model organisms
  • Molecular structure
  • Nervous systems
  • Organismal interaction
  • Plants
  • Symbiosis
  • Viruses

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