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Forest Soil is a section of the open access peer-reviewed journal Forests, which publishes original, scientifically challenging research articles of international significance that describe and explain the physical, chemical, and biological processes that occur in the soil of forest ecosystems. This section welcomes manuscripts dealing with the wider interactions of forest soils with the environment. This section also publishes state-of-the-art reviews of contemporary research and knowledge syntheses that present significant and novel hypotheses, as well as comments and arguments about specific and often controversial aspects of life in the soil of the forest ecosystem.


  • Carbon, nutrient, and other elemental cycling;
  • Newly emerging fields and methods in soil science;
  • Pedology;
  • Plant–soil–microbe interactions and feedback;
  • Soil biodiversity;
  • Soil fertility and plant nutrition;
  • Soil genesis;
  • Soil geography;
  • Soil mapping and evaluation;
  • Soil mineralogy;
  • Soil-borne pathogens;
  • Soil–plant interactions and feedback;
  • Soils and global change;
  • Soil–water relations;
  • Soil and water conservation;
  • Terrestrial biogeochemistry;
  • Threats to and the protection of soils;
  • The ecology of all soil organisms (including viruses);
  • Soil biota and forests;
  • The effects of soil organisms on forest ecosystem dynamics;
  • The effects of land degradation, reclamation, remediation, and rehabilitation on forest soils.

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