Forest Economics, Policy, and Social Science

A section of Forests (ISSN 1999-4907).

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Forest Economics, Policy, and Social Science is a Section of the open-access peer-reviewed journal Forests, which publishes advanced studies and applications of economics and other social sciences to forest systems. The primary aim of this Section is to provide a medium for research throughout the world into forest economics and related disciplines, such as (but not limited to): sociology, politics, history, quantitative sciences, anthropology, psychology, and their application to different issues in the forest bioeconomy chain, land use, rural communities and their development, and climate change. This Section especially encourages work within a broad interdisciplinary framework, with explicit management or policy recommendations.


  • community forests;
  • cultural issues;
  • economics of agroforestry;
  • economics of biodiversity conservation;
  • economics of forest bioenergy;
  • economics of forest restoration;
  • economics of pest management;
  • economics of planted forests;
  • economics of urban forestry;
  • forest certification;
  • forest extension;
  • forest governance;
  • forest history;
  • forest policy instruments;
  • forest property rights;
  • forest valuation;
  • forestry and rural economy;
  • forests and bioeconomy;
  • forests and climate change;
  • harvesting decisions;
  • human dimensions of forests;
  • illegal timber;
  • land use and deforestation
  • managerial economics of forestry;
  • multiple use in forestry;
  • non-industrial private forestry landowners;
  • non-timber forest products;
  • payments for forest ecosystem services;
  • social interactions;
  • social cost–benefit analysis taxation;
  • technological change in forest products;
  • timber-based industries;
  • trade in forest products;
  • wood-based industries.

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