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This Section focuses on all aspects of foodomics, a discipline that studies the food and nutrition domains through the application and integration of advanced omics technologies to improve consumers’ well-being, health, and knowledge. Foodomics involves four main areas of omics: genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

The Foodomics Section will consider papers that report the combination of food chemistry, biological sciences, and data analysis based on high-throughput technologies.

The four main areas of omics that the Foodomics Section will expect papers to include are:

  • Genomics, which involves investigation of the genome and its pattern;
  • Transcriptomics, which explores a set of genes and identifies the difference among various conditions, organisms, and circumstances using several techniques including microarray analysis;
  • Proteomics, which studies every kind of protein that is a product of genes. It covers how protein functions in a particular place, structures, interactions with other proteins, etc;
  • Metabolomics, which includes chemical diversity in the cells and how it affects cell behavior.

Foodomics assists scientists working in the areas of food science and nutrition to gain better access to data to analyze the effects of food on human health, etc. Foodomics is thought to provide another step toward better understanding the development and application of technology to food. Within the definition for this Section, other omics considered to be sub-disciplines, including nutrigenomics, which is the integration of the study of nutrition, genes, and omics, will be accepted.

Authors are encouraged to submit relevant papers to this Section. The editors will be allowed a wide margin of discretion when considering the suitability of paper for this Section.


  • Foodomics
  • Food genomics
  • Food transcriptomics
  • Food proteomics
  • Food metabolomics
  • Micro-array
  • Data analysis
  • Foodomics protocol
  • Bioavailability
  • Nutriomics

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