Food Security and Sustainability

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This section encompasses all aspects of food security and sustainability.

When addressing global food security issues, one should consider the challenges of globally achieving food security and the obstacles/constraints—physical, biological, economic, and socio-political—that limit food production and obstruct access to healthy diets.

Various methods and models should be proposed to drastically address and resolve these obstacles.

In this section, all dimensions of food security should be covered, from production, stability, physical/economic access, stocks, markets, trade (local to global), and the nutritional value of food. This section covers all sectors of science, sociology, and economics of food production, agricultural development, access to food, quality, safety, and nutrition.

Food sustainability covers all areas of food waste, food recovery, and climate change. Food waste management might include case studies of the life cycle assessment and issues with the circular economy. Studies may also address issues of ISO14040, ISO14044, ISO14045, and food waste treatment methodologies. Such methodologies might include membrane technologies, anaerobic digestion, landfilling, or incineration.

A more sustainable production and consumption is presently required, as is incorporating a waste-to-energy process guideline in the waste hierarchy to aid in the implementation of a circular economy.

Moreover, recovery for high value byproducts from food waste should be included in any proposed study.

Innovative work will be considered if it meets the requirements listed above and features keywords, as noted below.


  • Food security
  • Natural constraints to satisfying global food needs
  • The sociological contexts of food production, access, quality, and consumption
  • Nutrition, food quality, and food safety
  • Socio-political factors that affect the ability to satisfy global food needs
  • Research policies for effective food security
  • Food sustainability
  • Food recovery
  • Recovery of high value byproducts
  • Food waste
  • Valorization
  • ISO 14045
  • ISO 14040 and 14044 guidelines
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Circular economy
  • Natural products
  • Phytochemical analysis
  • Polyphenols
  • Membrane technologies
  • Climate change
  • (Bio) analytical chemistry
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Landfilling
  • Incineration

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