Probiotic Strains and Fermentation

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This section of Fermentation aims to establish an updated communication platform to promote the fast development of novel probiotic strain-related research. We encourage the submission of different types of manuscripts, such as research articles, reviews, communications, opinions, and perspectives, that provide current novel insights and significant advances in the fields. Its scope covers aspects of the discovery, functional and safety evaluation, fermentation technologies, and application of novel probiotic strains, including but not limited to the following:

  • Mining and discovery of potential probiotic strains (e.g., fungi, lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria, yeast, certain gut bacteria, etc.) from fermented foods, gut microbiota, and other natural/food sources;
  • Discovery of novel postbiotics (e.g., Exopolysaccharides, short-chain fatty acids, and vitamins) from probiotic strains and their functional evaluation;
  • Probiotic effects, bioactivities, health benefits, and safety evaluation of potential probiotic strains in vitro and in vivo;
  • Metabolic engineering of probiotic strains and related synthetic biology research;
  • Drying, stabilization, and encapsulation technologies for probiotic strain protection and delivery;
  • Fermentation technologies based on discovered probiotic strains and development of probiotics-related functional products through fermentation and their application.


  • probiotics
  • high-throughput screening
  • lactic acid bacteria
  • gut microbiota
  • lactobacillus
  • bifidobacterium
  • bacillus
  • acetic acid bacteria
  • yeast
  • fungi

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