Fermentation Process Design

A section of Fermentation (ISSN 2311-5637).

Section Information

The section Fermentation Process Design of Fermentation aims to rapidly publish contributions on aspects such as novel bioreactor or bioprocess designs, improved separation methods for recovery of fermentation products, tools for improved monitoring and control of bioreactors, and analysis of bioreactor performance. All types of fermentation products are welcome, both production of macromolecules (enzymes, heterologous proteins, antibodies, lipids or RNA/DNA) or small molecules (alcohols, amino acids, carboxylic acids, aromatics or sugars). We encourage submission of manuscripts that provide current novel insights and papers that report significant advances in the fields. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Fermentation process and product development;
  • Scale-up/scale-down of fermentation processes;
  • Bioprocess and metabolic engineering;
  • Bioreactor design, monitoring, biosensors and instrumentation;
  • Downstream processing of fermentation products;
  • Biosafety and biosecurity.


  • process design
  • bioreactor performance
  • cell cultivation
  • fungi
  • bacteria
  • yeasts
  • scale-up
  • scale-down
  • mixing
  • oxygen transfer
  • microbial kinetics
  • inhibition
  • continuous processes
  • fed-batch
  • process intensification
  • in situ product removal
  • purification methods
  • bioprocess monitoring
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