29 May–2 June 2023, Sitges, Spain
XXVII Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics: Non-Equilibrium Phenomena: from Quantum to Macroscopic Scales

The forthcoming edition of the Sitges Conference is dedicated to Non-Equilibrium Phenomena: from Quantum to Macroscopic Scales. In this meeting, we aim to stimulate discussion on out-of-equilibrium systems at different scales, encouraging a multidisciplinary vision within the framework of statistical mechanics. With the participation of leading researchers working on cutting-edge topics, we will focus on new methods for the description of non-equilibrium effects in diverse situations of relevance for the community.

The Conference Program will include topics such as non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, non-equilibrium quantum phenomena, quantum thermodynamics, protein physics, molecular motors, biological systems, molecular liquids and colloids, forces induced by fluctuations, stochastic and activated processes out of equilibriums, aggregation and self-assembly of structures, active matter, and more. With the organization of this conference, we will provide a unique opportunity to exchange points of view, to promote contacts and new collaborations, and to create a forum for debate that can help us to give answers to the many open questions in this vast domain of current research.

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