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The subject of the section includes all groups of engineering and natural materials used in the manufacturing of various utility products, including metal, ceramic, polymer, composite, porous, and nanostructured materials, along with their characterization and applications. However, articles are not relevant to this section if they are on issues related to chemical substances that have not yet found practical applications for the production of any products or their characterization.

The detailed topics cover, but are not limited to, the following 10 issues:

I. Materials and nanomaterials, including functional composites with advanced physicochemical and functional properties and material-processing technologies  as part of the advanced stage of Industry 4.0 of the industrial revolution and advanced informatics Society 5.0;

II. Multifunctional, composite, and nano-structured materials—ultra-light, ultra-durable, with radically increased wear resistance and creep resistance;

III. Multifunctional composite materials and nanomaterials with a matrix or reinforcement of nanostructured materials, including carbon and other nanofibers, nanowires, and nanotubes and their technologies;

IV. Advanced materials and nanomaterials used for renewable energy and for energy transformation, storage, and rationalization;

V. Advanced materials, technologies, and nanotechnologies for products with high added value and of great importance for value chains in the industry, along with additive technologies, including 3D and 4D printing;

VI. Ecofriendly materials as well as composite and nanostructured biomimetic, bionic, and biodegradable materials, taking into account the environmental footprint (carbon and water), the circular economy of materials and the minimization of waste, and cleaner technology of materials and nanomaterials, taking account the rationalization of the production of polymeric materials;

VII. Advanced materials and nanomaterials, as well as technologies and nanotechnologies, for medical and health purposes, as well as engineered–biological hybrid materials with the use of living tissues and cells;

VIII. Advanced materials and nanomaterials, as well as technologies and nanotechnologies, for security applications;

IX. Multifunctional layers, as well as protective and anti-wear nano-layers, with special physicochemical properties, as well as spatial, layered, self-organizing, and self-healing composites and nanocomposites;

X. Modeling the structure and properties of multifunctional materials and composites, including nanostructured materials with advanced properties, as well as computer-aided design and manufacturing methods in this area, taking into account the issues of simulation and the use of the digital twin idea.

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