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A: Sustainable Energy

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

Section Information

Sustainable energy is a form of energy that meet our today's demand of energy without putting them in danger of getting expired or depleted and can be used over and over again. Sustainable energy should be widely encouraged as it do not cause any harm to the environment and is available widely free of cost. Download Section Flyer

Topics of interest for publication include but are not limited to:

  • Renewable Energy Sources
    • Solar Power
    • Solar Heating
    • Wind Power
    • Managing Intermittency of Solar Power and Wind Power
    • Hydropower
    • Wave, Tide and Ocean Thermal Energies
    • Bioenergy
      • Biomass
      • Biofuel
      • Biogas
    • Geothermal Energy
    • Other
      • Desalination
      • Hydrogen Production Technology and Fuel Cells
      • Climatology and Meteorology
      • Energy System Integration
      • Electrical Energy Storage
      • Photovoltaic Technology Conversion
  • Non-Renewable Energy Sources
    • Nuclear Power
    • Fuel Switching
    • Carbon Capture and Storage
    • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Sustainable Energy Market and Industry Trends
    • Trends for individual technologies
      • Hydroelectricity
      • Wind Power Development
      • Solar Thermal
      • Photovoltaic Development
      • Biofuel Development
      • Geothermal Development
  • Sustainable Energy Policy
    • Environmental
      • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • Economic
    • Socio-cultural
    • Socio-Economic and Policy

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