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G1: Smart Cities and Urban Management

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

Section Information

The aim of Energies’ Smart Cities and Urban Management Section is to present new research results and new proven practices aimed at optimizing the energy use of smart cities and improving the energy efficiency in urban management.

Example topic areas within the scope of our journal's Smart Cities and Urban Management Section are listed below. This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive:

  • Energy-Efficient Smart Cities:
    • Smart Energy Systems;
    • Smart Microgrid Energy Management;
    • Renewable Energies and Power Electronic for Smart Cities;
    • Smart City Architecture and Infrastructure;
    • Environmental Engineering for Smart Cities;
    • Distributed and Networked Sensors for Smart Cities;
    • Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Cities;
    • IoT Network Technologies and IoT Architectures;
    • Smart Technologies. 
  • Energy Planning and Urban Management:
    • Sustainable Districts and Urban Development;
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems;
    • Intelligent Heating and Cooling systems;
    • Urban Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction;
    • Sustainable Urban Planning;
    • Urban Built Environment.

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