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D2: Electrochem: Batteries, Fuel Cells, Capacitors

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

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Our growing demand for energy and our understanding of how fossil fuel consumption, global greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change are interconnected make us constantly ask ourselves: what are the alternative solutions? At present, one of the most critical issues facing our modern society is a dual problem: meeting the ever-increasing energy demand while reducing carbon emissions. Responding to these challenges is an important aspect of many research fields, including natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles and the energy storage market has promoted the development of new energy batteries. There are mainly three types of new energy batteries: rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors. Electrochem: Batteries, Fuel Cells, Capacitors provides a forum for reporting findings related to synthesis, fabrication, structure, properties, performance, and technological application, in addition to the strategies and policies of energy storage materials and their devices for sustainable energy and development. The “Electrochem: Batteries, Fuel Cells, Capacitors” section welcomes unique and innovative research results, as well as the most recent progress and breakthroughs in electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems and their emerging applications. This section considers full-length articles, short communications, perspectives, and review articles from both experimental and theoretical research. This section welcome contributions on a variety of topics including, but not limited to: 

  • Electrochem
    • Electrocatalysis
    • Electrodeposition
    • Electrolysis
    • Electrolytes
    • Energy sources and energy production
    • Analytical electrochemistry
    • Electrochemical energy conversion and storage
  • Batteries
    • Lithium-ion batteries
    • Lithium-sulfur batteries
    • Lithium-air batteries
    • Lithium metal batteries
    • Sodium-ion batteries
    • Solid-state batteries
    • Molten salt batteries
    • Aqueous batteries
    • Primary and secondary batteries
    • Battery electrochemistry
    • Battery systems and applications
  • Fuel Cells
    • Hydrogen
    • Proton exchange membrane fuel cells
    • Direct methanol fuel cells
    • Phosphoric acid fuel cells
    • Alkaline fuel cells
    • Molten carbonate fuel cells
    • Solid oxide fuel cells
    • Fuel cell electrochemistry
    • Fuel cell systems and applications
  • Capacitors
    • Electric double-layer capacitors
    • Pseudocapacitors
    • Hybrid capacitors
    • Supercapacitor electrochemistry
    • Supercapacitor systems and applications

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