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Power electronics has emerged as a key technology in the conversion and control of electrical power in multiple applications: electric drives and generators, renewable energy systems, energy storage systems, smart cities, smart grids, power systems, transport (vehicles, aircraft, ships, and others), industrial, medical, military, telecommunications, consumable and home apparatus.

This Section is devoted to publishing original research and state-of-the-art review papers on emerging technologies and trends in power electronics, including components, circuits, design, modelling, simulation, control, implementation, testing and analysis of power electronics and their applications.

Subject Areas

The subject areas include but are not limited to:

  • Power electronic circuits: DC/DC, DC/AC and AC/AC power converters.
  • Power electronic components: switching devices, diodes, inductors, capacitors, transformers, filters, sensors, etc.
  • Power electronic control: modulation techniques, control techniques, control systems, etc.
  • Instrumentation, monitoring and IoT of power electronics and their applications.
  • EMI/EMC in power electronics.
  • Electric drives and generators.
  • Power electronics for renewable energy systems.
  • Power electronics for energy storage systems.
  • Power electronics for smart cities.
  • Power electronics for smart grids.
  • Power electronics for power systems: FACTS, HVDC systems, etc.
  • Power electronics for transport applications (electric vehicles, trains, aircrafts, ships, etc.).
  • Power electronics for industrial applications.
  • Power electronics for medical applications.
  • Power electronics for telecommunication applications.
  • Power electronics for energy harvesting systems.
  • Power electronics for consumable applications.
  • Power electronics for home appliances.

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