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Analog, digital, mixed, radio frequency (RF), resonant, radiation tolerant, low power, in vivo and other integrated electronic topics are now expanding in the microelectronics market due to increasing global demand.

This Section on Microelectronics is dedicated to publishing original research articles and cutting-edge reviews for the applications of microelectronics in emerging, frontier and challenging technologies. Electronics operating in extreme environments, such as vacuum, space, harsh radiation, extreme cold and other niche applications, is today pushing microelectronic design beyond the frontier of standard electronics.

Furthermore, as there is an expanding environment of software tools to facilitate microelectronic design and to cope with large circuits composed of many hierarchical blocks, vendor IPs, multi-clock trees, various physical interfaces of I/O and other specific blocks, the simulation environment is becoming increasingly strategic for integrated circuit (IC) submissions.

In addition, optimizing design methodologies can be evaluated separately by a trade-off between cost, die area and time-to-market.

Thus, design methodologies for approaching such a complex design environment are shared here, among scientists and electronic designers, and particular emphasis is given to the circuit design, modeling, simulation and testability methodologies.

Hence, a receptacle journal aimed at sharing the individual experiences, achievements and successes of scientists around the world is absolutely crucial.

Subject Areas

  • Top-down and bottom-up design approach in microelectronics
  • Microelectronic models for analog/digital and mixed-mode precise simulations
  • Built-in self-test (BIST), testing, design for testability
  • Semiconductor-based memories, volatile, nonvolatile, high-bandwidth memories (HBM)
  • Embedded processors, systems-on-chip (SoC), intellectual property (IP) blocks, FPGA integration
  • Optoelectronics, front-end interfaces for sensors
  • Radiation hardening design approaches for space and physics applications
  • Microelectronics operating in extreme (cold) conditions
  • In vivo and remote powered microelectronics
  • Antennas, oscillators, wireless and resonant circuits
  • Through silicon via (TSV), through glass via (TGV), 3D-ICs, system in package (SiP) technologies
  • Emerging, frontier and future microelectronics, xx-FETs, non-silicon-based electronics

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