Quantum Electronics

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Section Information

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This section publishes original and significant contributions to the theory and experimental implementations on the topic of quantum electronics. More specifically, articles will be considered on superconducting circuits, semiconductor qubits, NV centers, and electron qubits in general. Connections to atomic, molecular, and optical physics, as well as to mechatronic systems (i.e., robots and drones) when combined with quantum science, are also welcome. We will consider as well the relation to quantum artificial intelligence and quantum machine learning of electronic quantum systems. Reviews on these subjects as well as Special Issues dealing with specific topics are also published.

Subject Areas

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Superconducting circuits
  • Semiconductor qubits
  • NV centers
  • electron qubits
  • Hybrid devices
  • Digital-analog quantum systems
  • Mechatronic quantum systems (i.e., quantum robots and drones)
  • Quantum artificial intelligence
  • Quantum machine learning

Papers Published

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