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Industrial electronics play a vital role in improving the efficiency and productivity of industries like energy, transportation, petroleum, chemical, semiconductor, mining, agriculture, and others. As a branch of electronics dealing with power electronic switches, sensors, actuators, meters, intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), automation equipment, semiconductors, nanotechnology, etc., current emphasis is placed on power conditioning using power semiconductor devices in modernizing industry technology.

This Section is devoted to presenting the emerging technologies and trends in the industrial electronics sector, publishing original research and state-of-the-art review articles. The main research area includes applications of industrial electronics and its control, computation, and communication to enrich industrial systems and processes. All submissions are subject to a peer-review process. We encourage the submission of original contributions derived from theoretical- and/or application-oriented research studies.

Subject Areas

The subject areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Industrial electronics and controls
  • Industrial drives
  • FACTS and HVDC systems
  • Energy storage systems – industry practices
  • Industrial electronics for renewable energy grid interfacing
  • IoT-enabled smart inverter
  • Wide-area monitoring systems and wide-area control
  • Electronics for smart grid communications
  • Power and control hardware-in-the-loop systems
  • Measuring and sensing equipment
  • Intelligent electronic devices (IEDs)
  • Applications in digital signal processing
  • Fault detection and diagnosis of industrial converters
  • Industrial condition monitoring
  • Smart grid control and applications
  • Automotive industry electronics and associated controls
  • Digital substations and electronic equipment
  • Factory automation and control
  • Applications in sensors and actuators
  • Applications in instrumentation

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