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Over the last few years, the delivery of education has changed from being predominately face to face and modestly supported by basic technologies, to an activity that involves a wide range of technological tools and infrastructure. This presents many challenges, not least ensuring that these new approaches are educationally effective. Furthermore, the consequences of using new technologies can be far reaching, and in addition to technical implications, such as data security, the deployment of these technologies can be viewed through ethical, social and cultural lenses.

Where assessment forms part of the process, technology is a two-edged sword. While technology allows for a richer variety of assessment methods to be used and offers the potential for automatic marking, it complicates the ways in which academic integrity is assured.

This section focuses on both the technical and educational aspects of applying technology to the educational process. The section does not prescribe particular topics, provided that any submission contains both technical and educational material that may relate to a specific discipline or to many.

Research contributions must be original, and empirical studies are welcomed, provided the underlying methodologies (qualitative, quantitative or mixed) are clearly articulated and rigorously applied. Review papers may also be considered, but descriptive papers that simply report (for example) classroom experience are unsuitable.


  • application
  • classroom
  • cyber security
  • data protection
  • data security
  • development
  • digital education
  • distance learning
  • education
  • educational technology
  • e-learning
  • ethics
  • higher education
  • high school
  • ICT
  • instructional design
  • IT
  • K12
  • learning theory
  • m-learning
  • online learning
  • pedagogy
  • primary education
  • primary school
  • secondary education
  • secondary school
  • technology
  • technology-enhanced education
  • technology-enhanced learning (TEL)
  • tertiary education
  • training

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