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A section of Education Sciences (ISSN 2227-7102).

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Providing equitable learning opportunities is a cornerstone of modern society. Research into the what and how of the learning enterprise is the focus of this Section. The primary goals of educational research include investigating the what, curricula, and the how, instruction. The interplay of individual needs, curricula, and instructional methods is a complex and compelling educational concern.

This section invites curricula and instruction research that builds upon existing scholarship. Of particular interest are investigations that demonstrate or inform:

  • Implications for practice;
  • General and discipline-specific pedagogy;
  • Instructional methods;
  • Development of equitable spaces and opportunities;
  • Universal designs for learning;
  • The role of information and communications technology (ICT);
  • Instruction design models.

This Section includes original research developed in the context of existing scholarship. It is principally interested in research guided by quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods investigative traditions. Authors are encouraged to consult the academic articles and papers described in the seventh edition of the APA Publication Manual for guidance. Editors will consider innovative and novel research methods with adequate justification. Atheoretical evaluations of programs and curriculum are not appropriate.

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