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Most Cited & Viewed Papers

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Uncertainty Due to Infectious Diseases and Stock–Bond Correlation
by Konstantinos Gkillas, Christoforos Konstantatos and Costas Siriopoulos
Green Bonds for the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy
by Andreas Lichtenberger, Joao Paulo Braga and Willi Semmler
Climate Finance: Mapping Air Pollution and Finance Market in Time Series
by Zheng Fang, Jianying Xie, Ruiming Peng and Sheng Wang
Using the SARIMA Model to Forecast the Fourth Global Wave of Cumulative Deaths from COVID-19: Evidence from 12 Hard-Hit Big Countries
by Gaetano Perone
Are Soybean Yields Getting a Free Ride from Climate Change? Evidence from Argentine Time Series Data
by Hildegart Ahumada and Magdalena Cornejo
Quantile Regression with Generated Regressors
by Liqiong Chen, Antonio F. Galvao and Suyong Song
Selecting a Model for Forecasting
by Jennifer L. Castle, Jurgen A. Doornik and David F. Hendry
Semi-Metric Portfolio Optimization: A New Algorithm Reducing Simultaneous Asset Shocks
by Nick James, Max Menzies and Jennifer Chan
Multivariate Analysis of Cryptocurrencies
by Vincenzo Candila
The Age–Period–Cohort Problem in Hedonic House Prices Models
by Chung-Yim Yiu and Ka-Shing Cheung
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