Mechanical Engineering Design

A section of Designs (ISSN 2411-9660).

Section Information

This covers a broad spectrum of practical topics that are of interest to mechanical design in industry. The Section of Mechanical Engineering Design presents archival quality research in the area of real and virtual mechanical design. Topics of interest for publication include but are not limited to:

  • Design automation;
    • Design representation;
    • Digital twin design;
    • Geometric design;
    • Design evaluation;
    • Design optimization;
    • Design sensitivity analysis;
    • System integration design;
  • Design of direct contact systems;
    • Cams;
    • Gears;
    • Power systems;
    • Transmission systems;
  • Design innovation and devices;
    • Design of smart products;
    • Design of smart materials;
  • Design for the life cycle;
    • Sustainable design;
    • Environmental design;
  • Design of mechanisms and robotic systems;
    • Design of macro-scaled mechanical systems;
    • Design of micro-scaled mechanical systems;
    • Design of nano-scaled mechanical systems;
  • Design methodology and theory;
    • Creativity in design;
    • Decision analysis.

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