Metabolomics and Foodomics

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Nowadays, metabolomics is a consolidated science in the field of omics. Consumers and the food industry are paying increasing attention to metabolomics due to its significance in the study of food composition, food traceability, authenticity, food safety and quality. These new research trends have led to the emergence of a new omics discipline—foodomics—concerning the study of food and nutrition domains through the application of omics technologies with the aims of improving consumer health, knowledge and wellbeing.

This section will welcome scientific contributions in the field of omics. In particular, we would like to receive contributions in the field of metabolomics and foodomics, with targeted and untargeted approaches ranging from the screening of metabolites to nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, and from microbial and chemical contaminants to metabolomics studies assessing food authenticity and traceability.


  • metabolomics
  • foodomics
  • food composition
  • food safety and quality

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