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This section will publish research that will enhance understanding of the most critical phases of dairy ruminants: transition period; dry off; functioning of the main organs affecting the livestock performance (gastrointestinal tract, liver; mammary gland, reproductive tract, foot); and perinatal life. All the areas of basic and applied sciences are welcome, and the combination of traditional and advanced technologies (e.g., omics and precision livestock farming) is encouraged. The insights will include information from all disciplines (e.g., genetic, endocrinology, immunology, physiology, system biology, microbiology, histology, pathology, nutrition, animal welfare, management, and breeding sciences) and their implications for animal adaptation, diagnosis and prevention of metabolic disease, disease resilience, climate adaptation, milk safety and quality, environmental impact (i.e., decreases in antibiotic use or greenhouse gas emissions), efficiency and reproduction, and so on. Multidisciplinary research will be encouraged.


  • metabolic disorders;
  • genetic, behavioral and physiological adaptation;
  • disease resilience;
  • Precision Dairy Farming technologies;
  • innovative diagnostic tools
  • gastrointestinal tract efficiency;
  • immunology;
  • microbiology of the ruminant;
  • omics technologies;
  • system biology;
  • nutrigenomic;
  • colostrum/milk quality.

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