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Genito-urinary oncology constitutes a pivotal domain within the realm of oncological research, given the substantial clinical impact it commands. With prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and renal cell carcinoma ranking among the top twelve most prevalent malignancies worldwide, the significance of addressing urological carcinomas cannot be overstated.

Aligned with the overarching ethos of Current Oncology, the "Genito-urinary Oncology" section remains steadfastly committed to fostering scholarly discourse and innovation. We extend a warm invitation to clinical researchers, encouraging the submission of original clinical research articles, translational studies, review articles, and noteworthy case reports pertaining to the landscape of genito-urinary oncology.

This section caters specifically to oncologists, urologists, radiation oncologists, and pathologists, seeking to engage these professionals in an enriching dialogue. Our primary objective is to disseminate cutting-edge publications that serve as a source of inspiration and support for clinicians and researchers in their daily endeavors.

Within the domain of genito-urinary oncology, there is a burgeoning trend towards personalized therapeutic modalities, evident in both systemic and surgical interventions, as well as radiotherapy. The section is dedicated to shepherding this paradigm shift through the publication of original research articles, ensuring that personalized treatment approaches continue to evolve for the betterment of patient outcomes.

Topics of interest within the purview of genito-urinary oncology include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Clinical trials and registry-based studies as well as real-world studies;
  • Pharmaco- and immunotherapeutic approaches;
  • Studies on surgical innovations in the field of genito-urinary oncology;
  • Review articles on treatment algorithms;
  • Translational studies;
  • Prognostication and outcome research;
  • Personalized treatment concepts;
  • Developments of diagnostics and their interaction with therapy;
  • Education activities.

In essence, the "Genito-urinary Oncology" section of Current Oncology serves as a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas, innovations, and insights, endeavoring to advance the frontiers of knowledge and clinical practice in the ever-evolving landscape of urological malignancies.

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