Liquid Crystals

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This section is dedicated to boosting rapid publication and providing a high quality medium for scientists and engineers working in liquid crystals and related fields, and to exchange knowledge and increase visibility of their studies for specialists in related areas of science and technology. Contributions, such as original research articles, reviews, letters, communications, on all aspects of liquid crystals will be considered. We invite investigators to submit manuscripts resulting from studies that explore all the aspects of liquid crystals and ordered fluids. Topics include, but are not limit to:

  • molecular design and synthesis
  • phase structures
  • phase transitions
  • optics and photonics
  • electrical and mechanical properties
  • device applications


Phase transitions; nematic; smectic; columnar phases; optics and photonics; bent-core; elastic behavior; viscoelastic behavior; dielectric and electric properties; chirality; ferroelectric, antiferroelectric, and ferrielectric properties; ferromagnetic liquid crystals; hydrodynamics; surfaces and interfaces; confined geometries; nanopatterning; nanoimaging; nanostructures; molecular design and synthesis; lyotropic liquid crystals; chromonic liquid crystals; discotic liquid crystals; composite systems; biological and biomimetic materials; elastomers; “smart” materials; displays; liquid crystal-based lasers; actuators; photovoltaics; defects; nanoparticles; colloids; novel experimental techniques; computer simulations; theory; actuators and motors; polymer liquid crystals; biaxiality; polar order; blue phases; ionic liquid crystals

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