Industrial Crystallization

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This section, like the others in this journal, aims to facilitate the rapid publication of high-quality papers. It provides a platform for engineers and scientists to exchange knowledge and to increase the visibility of their studies and experiences. The section covers all aspects of industrial crystallization including the fundamentals, process development, and product design as well the broad range of application-related subjects.

There is no restriction on the length of papers, and such contributions are welcome as original research articles, reviews, letters, and communications.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Industrial crystallization fundamentals
  • Analytical tools for process monitoring
  • Crystallization process design and optimization
  • Product development (crystallinity, particle size, crystal morphology, polymorphy, etc.)
  • Applications of crystallization in commodities and fine chemicals industries producing, for example, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food ingredients
  • Application-related prevention of crystallization (fouling, stabilization of solutions in agriculture, etc.)
  • Integration of crystallization into separation process chains
  • Innovative crystallization concepts and novel applications (in sustainability, energy fields, etc.)


phase equilibria; crystallization kinetics; process monitoring and control; crystalline/amorphous products; nanocrystals; mixed crystals (solid solutions); crystallization techniques; membrane crystallization; freeze concentration; separation and purification; multicomponent mixtures; isomer separation; downstream processes

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