Polycrystalline Ceramics

A section of Crystals (ISSN 2073-4352).

Section Information

The Section “Polycrystalline Ceramics” covers the science, technology, and engineering of polycrystalline ceramic materials, including the exploration of the relationship between ceramic processing, microstructure, properties, and potential applications. The goal of this Section is to rapidly publish high-quality experimental and theoretical results of original research and reviews.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Ceramic processing and manufacturing;
  • Functional ceramics;
  • Engineering ceramics;
  • Structural ceramics;
  • Ceramic composites;
  • Microstructure characterization of ceramics;
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of ceramics, including modeling and simulation;
  • Reliability and stability of ceramics;
  • Ceramic application in energy, electronics, photonics, and magnetics.


  • ceramics
  • crystals
  • ceramic composites
  • sintering
  • processing
  • microstructure
  • modeling
  • simulation

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