9 March 2023
Crystals | Issue Cover Articles in 2021

The articles below have been selected as 2021 Issue Cover Articles by the Editorial Office of Crystals (ISSN: 2073-4352). These articles came from multiple fields within the scope of Crystals, and we hope they can provide insights and references for scholars in related fields.

1. “High-Pressure Spectroscopy Study of Zn(IO3)2 Using Far-Infrared Synchrotron Radiation
by Akun Liang, Robin Turnbull, Enrico Bandiello, Ibraheem Yousef, Catalin Popescu, Zoulikha Hebboul and Daniel Errandonea
Crystals 202111(1), 34;
Available online:

2.Weak Interactions in the Structures of Newly Synthesized (–)-Cytisine Amino Acid Derivatives
by Anna K. Przybył, Anita M. Grzeskiewicz and Maciej Kubicki
Crystals 2021, 11(2), 146;
Available online:

3.Three-Dimensional Electron Diffraction for Structural Analysis of Beam-Sensitive Metal-Organic Frameworks
by Meng Ge, Xiaodong Zou and Zhehao Huang
Crystals 2021, 11(3), 263;
Available online:

4.Physiological Metals Can Induce Conformational Changes in Transthyretin Structure: Neuroprotection or Misfolding Induction?
by Lidia Ciccone, Nicolò Tonali, William Shepard, Susanna Nencetti and Elisabetta Orlandini
Crystals 2021, 11(4), 354;
Available online:

5.Boron Influence on Defect Structure and Properties of Lithium Niobate Crystals
by Nikolay V. Sidorov, Natalia A. Teplyakova, Olga V. Makarova, Mikhail N. Palatnikov, Roman A. Titov, Diana V. Manukovskaya and Irina V. Birukova
Crystals 2021, 11(5), 458;
Available online:

6.Investigation of 1064-nm Pumped Type II SPDC in Potassium Niobate for Generation of High Spectral Purity Photon Pairs
by Donghwa Lee, Ilhwan Kim and Kwang Jo Lee
Crystals 2021, 11(6), 599;
Available online:

7.Refinement of RNA Structures Using Amber Force Fields
by Jonathon G. Gray and David A. Case
Crystals 2021, 11(7), 771;
Available online:

8.Topological Defect-Guided Regular Stacking of Focal Conic Domains in Hybrid-Aligned Smectic Liquid Crystal Shells
by JungHyun Noh and Jan P. F. Lagerwall
Crystals 2021, 11(8), 913;
Available online:

9.Tryptophan, an Amino-Acid Endowed with Unique Properties and Its Many Roles in Membrane Proteins
by Sonia Khemaissa, Sandrine Sagan and Astrid Walrant
Crystals 2021, 11(9), 1032;
Available online:

10. “Incorporation of Iron(II) and (III) in Hydroxyapatite—A Theoretical Study
by Olga Nikolaevna Makshakova, Daria Vladimirovna Shurtakova, Alexey Vladimirovich Vakhin, Peter Olegovich Grishin and Marat Revgerovich Gafurov
Crystals 202111(10), 1219;
Available online:

11. “Realization of III-Nitride c-Plane microLEDs Emitting from 470 to 645 nm on Semi-Relaxed Substrates Enabled by V-Defect-Free Base Layers”
by Ryan C. White, Michel Khoury, Matthew S. Wong, Hongjian Li, Cheyenne Lynsky, Michael Iza, Stacia Keller, David Sotta, Shuji Nakamura and Steven P. DenBaars
Crystals 2021, 11(10), 1168;
Available online:

12. “Effect of Preparation Method and Ni2+ Substitution on the Structural, Thermal, and Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline Lanthanum Zirconate Pyrochlore
by Fahad Alharthi, Rizwan Wahab, Salim Manoharadas, Basel F. Alrayes and Naushad Ahmad
Crystals 202111(12), 1463;
Available online:


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