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Cosmetics publishes Special Issues to create collections of papers on specific topics, with the aim of building a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors, who are experts on the topic. The journal’s Editor-in-Chief and/or designated EBM will oversee Guest Editor appointments and Special Issue proposals, checking their content for relevance and ensuring the suitability of the material for the journal. The papers published in a Special Issue will be collected and displayed on a dedicated page of the journal’s website. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Active Substances and Bioavailability in Cosmetics
edited by and Jacek Arct
submission deadline 29 Feb 2024 | 7 articles | Viewed by 34084 | Submission Open
Keywords: skin physiology; penetration; bioavailability; actives
Treatment for Anti-aging and Rejuvenation
edited by Ji Yeon Hong
submission deadline 31 Mar 2024 | 4 articles | Viewed by 4236 | Submission Open
Keywords: dermatology; cosmetology; energy-based devices; laser; rejuvenation; anti-aging; plastic surgery; cosmetic surgery; face-lift; fat transfer; dermal fillers; botulinum toxin; skin boosters
Nanotechnology Advances in Cosmetics
edited by Sreejarani Kesavan Pillai
submission deadline 31 Mar 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1786 | Submission Open
Keywords: nanomaterials; nanotechnology; nanoparticles; nanocarriers; topical delivery systems; cosmetics; functionality; efficacy; bioavailability
Natural Sources for Cosmetic Ingredients: Challenges and Innovations submission deadline 31 Mar 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1712 | Submission Open
Keywords: natural cosmetic ingredient; natural raw material; eco-friendly; safety; green cosmetics; natural cosmetic product; organic cosmetic product; botanicals; marine origin
Advanced Delivery Systems for Dermatologic and Dermocosmetics Products submission deadline 30 Apr 2024 | 2 articles | Viewed by 1750 | Submission Open
Keywords: dermatology; photoaging; nanoparticles; penetration enhancers; skin penetration assessment; non-invasive efficacy methods; alternative methods for toxicity; sunscreens; vitamins; acne
Recent Advance in Hair Science and Hair Care Technologies: 2nd Edition
edited by
submission deadline 30 Apr 2024 | Viewed by 207 | Submission Open
Keywords: structure; curvature; physical properties; aging; local difference; chemical treatment; damages; repair; coloring; shampoo; styling
Chinese American Cosmetic Professional Association (CACPA)—a Collaborative and Inclusive Platform for Research and Education of Cosmetic and Personal Care Products
edited by , Zhigang Hao, and
submission deadline 5 May 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 2720 | Submission Open
Keywords: new technologies (e.g.; artificial intelligence and deep learning); novel cosmetic ingredients; cosmeceuticals from natural resources; traditional chinese medicine for cosmetics; biological/functional evaluations; trends in global cosmetics; women in business
Application of Plant-Based Molecules and Materials in Cosmetics
edited by Paulraj Mosae Selvakumar
submission deadline 31 May 2024 | 3 articles | Viewed by 6799 | Submission Open
Keywords: plant extracts; phytochemicals; green nanomaterials; green cosmetics; medicinal cosmetics
10th Anniversary of Cosmetics—Recent Advances and Perspectives
edited by
submission deadline 30 Jun 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 447 | Submission Open
Keywords: cosmeceuticals; nutricosmetics; active ingredients; preservatives; delivery systems; green extraction systems; plant cell and tissue culture products; natural polymers; exosomes; skin microbiome
Bioactive Compounds From Natural Resources Against Skin Aging submission deadline 31 Jul 2024 | 7 articles | Viewed by 13404 | Submission Open
Keywords: bioactive compounds; natural compounds; in vitro methods; cosmetic formulations
Aromatic and Medicinal Plants as Source of Bioactive Natural Compounds with Cosmetic Applications—Volume 2 submission deadline 31 Jul 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1919 | Submission Open
Keywords: cosmetic industry; plant-based bioactive compound; aromatic plants; cosmetic plants; medicinal plants
New Advances in Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology
edited by Danuta Nowicka
submission deadline 10 Aug 2024 | 2 articles | Viewed by 2699 | Submission Open
Keywords: dermatology; cosmetology; cosmetics; aesthetic dermatology; skin allergy
Non-invasive Sensing of Skin–Cosmetic Interactions Using Optical Methods
edited by
submission deadline 31 Aug 2024 | Viewed by 139 | Submission Open
Keywords: Raman microspectroscopy; two-photon tomography; FLIM; laser scanning microscopy; optical coherence tomography; in vivo; skin barrier function; skin hydration; moisturization; functional cosmetic ingredients
Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties of Natural Compounds - 2nd Edition
edited by
submission deadline 30 Nov 2024 | 5 articles | Viewed by 5816 | Submission Open
Keywords: bioactive accumulation; antioxidant proprieties; anti-inflammatory proprieties; bioactive identification; biological activities; cosmetics applications; health benefits
Current and Future Trends in Cosmetics Research: The 10th Anniversary of Cosmetics
edited by
submission deadline 31 Dec 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 952 | Submission Open
Keywords: materials and ingredient research related to cosmetics; therapeutic options for skin; hair and body care; product formulations and ingredients; cosmetic olfactory research developments; technologies in cosmetic product development; testing of skin and hair products; toxicological studies of cosmetic products; in vivo and in vitro testing of cosmetic products; pure and applied research involved in skin; hair and body cosmetics; analytical chemistry of essential components involved in cosmetic product formulations; biomedicine research on biologically active components; regulatory and ethical issues in cosmetic research; dermatology; microbiology; anatomy; physiology; immunology and biochemistry of the skin; facial rejuvenation; laser therapy; cosmetic surgery and related medicine techniques
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