Reviewer Board

Members of the reviewer board are selected from all Computers reviewers for regularly providing timely high quality reports on submitted manuscripts. Responsibilities of reviewers are available here.


Department of Artificial Intelligence, Sejong University, Seoul 209, Republic of Korea
Interests: information system; RFID; epedigree system; IoT sensors; big data; real-time data processing; cyber physical system; quality prediction; early warning system; edge computing; machine learning; smart factory; healthcare; e-health; supply chain; Industrial
School of Computing, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland
Interests: technology enhanced learning; computer education; cybersecurity; usable security; smart cities
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA
Interests: logic synthesis; beyond-CMOS technologies; low-power circuits; machine learning; VLSI circuit design
Research Center for Systems and Technologies (SYSTEC)—Advanced Production and Intelligent Systems Associated Laboratory (ARISE), FEUP, Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200-465 Porto, Portugal
Interests: electronics; machine vision; robotics; machine learning; automation; IoT; cyber physical systems; industry; deep learning
Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, University of Pavia, 27100 Pavia, Italy
Interests: parallel processing; GPU; FPGA; DSP; hardware architecture; signal processing
Departamento de Electrónica, Telecomunicaciones y Redes de Información, Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Ladrón de Guevara E11-253, Quito 170517, Ecuador
Interests: wireless networks; mathematical modeling; routing protocols; vehicular networks; ITS; ad hoc networks; 5G; optimization of networks
Department of Engineering in Foreign Languages, Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti, Splaiul Independentei 313, 060042 Bucuresti, Romania
Interests: ehealth; IoT; software engineering
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, La Trobe University, Melbourne 3086, Australia
Interests: optimization; network security; network protocols; wireless protocols
School of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
Interests: smart manufacturing; hcps; machine learning; human-cyber-physical systems; intelligent manufacturing; heat transfer; energy management
“Gheorghe ASACHI” Technical University of Iasi, 700050 Iasi, Romania
Interests: distributed systems; cybersecurity; design patterns (basic; service; microservices; security); microcontroller; cybergis; distributed artificial intelligence; IoT/IoE; psychology; organizational evaluation
Secure Information Technology Center - Austria (A-SIT), 1030 Vienna, Austria
Interests: IT security; e-government; mobile security; risk analysis; information security management systems; computer science
Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Catania, 95100 Catania, Italy
Interests: system security; web and mobile security and privacy
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