Ceramic Coatings and Engineering Technology

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Ceramic coating is an attractive area of research, not only academically, but also for engineering applications. Ceramic coatings include hard coatings, anticorrosive coatings, wear-resistant coatings and thermal barrier coatings commonly used in mechanical engineering. In recent years, it has also been active in biomaterials. Another application area is ceramic functional coatings, including photonic coatings used in lenses and solar cells, catalytic coatings in chemical industry and environmental protection, as well as in semiconductor processing, etc.

This section is devoted to the basic research and application of ceramic coatings in mechanical engineering, biological systems, new energy and environmental protection, as well as various functional coatings. The scope of "Ceramic Coatings and Applications" include coating design and characterization, composition, phases, macroscopic and microscopic structure, properties and performances of coating materials. Researches on novel coating technologies and coating processing are also welcomed. All manuscripts considered for publication will undergo a rigorous peer review process and decisions will be made based on the recommendations of independent reviewers.

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