Bioactive Coatings and Biointerfaces

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The study of interactions of synthetic materials and biological systems is one of the most innovative and growing areas of research nowadays. Specifically, the surface properties of materials govern such interactions with the surrounding biological environment; therefore, there is a great demand on the design and control of appropriate biofunctional surfaces with the aim of modifying properties or even the creation of new properties in common materials by the development, for instance, of suitable surface treatments and coatings.

This section is dedicated to fundamental and applied research on bioactive surfaces and bio-interfacial phenomena with special relevance to the biomedical, biomaterials, biotechnological, food and cosmetic fields. The scope of “Bioactive Coatings and Biointerfaces” section comprises innovative coatings and surface treatments especially designed to interact with systems of biological origin. Studies of bio-interfacial phenomena, as well as novel studies on structural/properties characterization of such bioactive surfaces are welcome in this section. All manuscripts to be considered for publication in this section will undergo a rigorous peer-review process and decisions are based on the recommendations of independent reviewers.

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