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Division of Pediatric Cardiology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, 49N Dunlap Street, 3rd Floor, Memphis, TN 38015, USA
Interests: pediatric cardiology; pediatric echocardiography; cardiac MRI and CTA; cardio-oncology; machine learning and artificial intelligence; multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children—MIS-C
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Department of Woman, Mother and Neonate, 'V. Buzzi' Children Hospital, ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco, University of Milan, 20100 Milan, Italy
Interests: fetal programming; pregnancy; maternal nutrition; maternal infection; intrauterine growth restriction

Department of Pediatrics, University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein, University of Lübeck, 23538 Lübeck, Germany
Interests: neonatology; surfactant research; bronchopulmonary dysplasia; pediatric intensive care; pediatric pulmonology

Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Interests: pediatrics; mental health; clinical trials; systematic reviews; integrative health
Dept of Anesthesiology, Perioperative, & Pain Medicine Stanford University Medical Center, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA
Interests: pediatric chronic pain; predictors of outcomes; measurement of pain and outcomes
Allergy and Clinical Immunology Unit, Ospedale San Giovanni di Dio, Azienda USL Toscana Centro, via di Torregalli 1, 50143, Florence, Italy
Interests: allergy; asthma; atopy; food allergy; venom allergy; drug allergy; anaphylaxis; immunotherapy
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San Francisco Department of Public Health, San Francisco, CA, USA
Interests: water; hydration; child weight change; children's oral health; public health monitoring; child care health screenings
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1. Paediatric Palliative Care Service, Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, Queensland Children's Hospital, South Brisbane, QLD 4101, Australia
2. Centre for Children’s Health Research, Queensland University of Technology, South Brisbane, QLD 4101, Australia
Interests: paediatric palliative care
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1. Laboratory of Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics, Department of Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Thessaly, 41110 Larissa, Greece
2. Pediatric and Adolescent Hematology-Oncology Unit, 2nd Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, AHEPA Hospital, 54636 Thessaloniki, Greece
Interests: childhood cancer; genetics; next-generation sequencing; fungal infections in children; implementation of next-generation sequencing techniques in pediatrics; acute leukemias; autism spectrum

Department of Pediatrics, Section of Cardiology, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX 77030, USA
Interests: predictive analytics; data science; intelligent monitoring; cardiovascular critical care; biomechanics; pediatric cardiology
Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Department of Pediatrics, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN 38104, USA
Interests: congenital heart disease; patent ductus arteriosus; hypoplastic left heart syndrome; exercise physiology; pediatric echocardiography; interventional echocardiography; hypertension; pulmonary hypertension
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Department of Newborns' Infectious Diseases, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, ul. Polna 33, 60-535 Poznan, Poland
Interests: newborns' infectious diseases; extrauterine growth restriction; newborns of diabetic mothers; neonatal hyperinsulinism and hypoglycemia
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Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology, Chair of Pediatrics, Pediatric Institute, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Wielicka 265, 30-663 Kraków, Poland
Interests: childhood obesity; metabolic syndrome; hypertension; endocrinology
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Department of Interdisciplinary Medicine, Aldo Moro University of Bari, 70124 Bari, Italy
Interests: oral surgery; oral pathology; rare diseases; laser surgery; pediatric dentistry
Department of Neonatology, University Hospital Zurich, Frauenklinikstr. 10, 8091 Zurich, Switzerland
Interests: neonatal care; prematurity; tissue oxygenation; cerebral hemodynamics; near-infrared spectroscopy; family-centered care

Medicine Faculty, Bar-Ilan University, Safed 1311502, Israel
Interests: otolaryngology; otology; hearing; airway; obstructive sleep apnea
MBBS MD MRCPCH DCH, Department of Paediatrics, Childrens Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, Oxford OX3 9DU, UK
Interests: general paediatrics; epilepsy; paediatric neurology; OMS; NF2; GLUT-1DS

Department of Methods of Research and Diagnosis in Education I (MIDE I), Faculty of Education, Spanish University for Distance Education (UNED), 28040 Madrid, Spain
Interests: social exclusion; attention to diversity; youth; children; special needs

School of Communication Science and Disorders, University of Memphis, 4055 N. Park Loop, Memphis, TN 38152, USA
Interests: cognitive neuroscience in children; functional neuroimaging; auditory processing disorders

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02114, USA
Interests: intergenerational trauma; trauma; global mental health; early adversity; health disparities; culture and mental health

Department of Environmental Health, Korea National Open University, 86 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03087, Republic of Korea
Interests: semiconductor process health risk; humidifier disinfectant health risk assessment
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Department of Women's and Children's Health, Uppsala University, SE75185 Uppsala, Sweden
Interests: parenteral nutrition; neonatology; pharmacology; pharmacy; gastroenterology
School of Public Health, University of Sydney, Sydney 2006, Australia
Interests: obesity prevention; mHealth; paediatric nutrition; lifestyle behaviours; culturally and linguistically diverse communities
Child Development Department, California State University, Northridge, CA 91325, USA
Interests: children; adolescents; child development; stress; trauma

Department of Respiratory Therapy, Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions, Georgia State University, P.O. Box 4019, Atlanta, GA 30302-4019, USA
Interests: suicidal ideation; youth tobacco use; youth alcohol use; sexual risk behaviors; epidemiology

Exercise Adherence and Obesity Prevention Laboratory, School of Kinesiology, Auburn University, 301 Wire Road, Auburn, AL 36849, USA
Interests: physical activity; fitness; fundamental motor skills; body composition
1. Fondazione IRCCS Cà Granda, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, 20100 Milan, Italy
2. Department of Biomedical Surgical and Dental Sciences, University of Milan, 20100 Milan, Italy
Interests: orthodontics; early treatment; functional appliances; orthopedics

Pediatric Orthopedic and Traumatology Unit, San Raffaele Hospital, Vita-Salute University San Raffaele, 20132 Milan, Italy
Interests: pediatric orthopedics; DDH; foot; rare diseases; syndromes; congenital malformations; hip ultrasound; traumatology
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Division of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics and Psychology, UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital 10524 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA
Interests: clinical child psychology; pediatric psychology; autism spectrum disorder; integrated pediatric primary care; collaborative care; child maltreatment; social determinants of health; emergency preparedness and response
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Division of Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Department of Women's and Children's Health, University-Hospital of Padua, Via Giustiniani 3, 35128 Padua, Italy
Interests: pharmacoepidemiology; antimicrobial stewardship; vaccines; health policy intervention; primary care; real-world data
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