26–27 June 2023, Paris, France
International Workshop on the Characterisation and Quantification of Lithium, from the Micro- to the Nano-Scale, from Mining to Energy

The aim of this workshop is to gather researchers, engineers, and students interested in the local, at the macro- and nano-scales, characterisation of lithium in various solid environments, such as in mining, geology, glasses, batteries, etc.

The main topics that will be discussed, through invited and contribution talks, as well as posters, include the following: in situ characterisation, operando characterisation, electron microprobe, electron microscopy, metallurgy of lithium metal, X-ray spectroscopies (emission, absorption, fluorescence, etc.), electron spectroscopies (photoemission, EELS, Auger, etc.), ion beam analysis, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, the gitology of lithium, quantitative analysis, lithium alloys, confinement glasses, fundamental parameters for the Li K spectral range, etc.

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