Inorganic Materials and Polymers

A section of Chemistry (ISSN 2624-8549).

Section Information

The Inorganic Materials and Polymers Section of Chemistry covers fundamental and applied aspects of inorganic materials and coordination polymers and networks. Its scope includes the preparation of new solid-state materials; discrete coordination compounds used in materials chemistry; coordination polymers of all dimensionalities and their characterization by experimental methods, including spectroscopic and mass spectrometric methods; and single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction methods, as well as investigations into and applications of physical and chemical properties. Investigations that involve analysis of the literature data and database mining to develop structure–property relationships are also welcomed.

Contributions to the Inorganic Materials and Polymers Section of Chemistry can be in the form of original articles, communications, or reviews. In addition, Special Issues on high impact topics will also be published.

Topics that fall within the scope of the journal include:

  • Battery materials;
  • Coordination polymers and networks;
  • Crystal engineering;
  • Energy applications including water splitting and photovoltaics;
  • Ferroelectric materials;
  • Inorganic materials chemistry;
  • Inorganic materials for sustainable chemistry;
  • Inorganic nanotechnology and nanomaterials;
  • Light-emitting materials;
  • Magnetic materials;
  • Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs);
  • Non-linear optics;
  • Photocatalysis;
  • Porous inorganic solids;
  • Superconducting materials.

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Special Issues

Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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