Tissues and Organs

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The Section Tissues and Organs is devoted to original research on the organization of cells, subcellular and extracellular components at all levels, including the grouping and interrelations of cells in tissues and organs. The section is also interested in the application of cells and matrices for the formation of more complex organs and tissues, including microphysiologic systems or organ-on-a-chip technologies. We also welcome research on the lab-based generation of functional tissue or organs for transplant. We welcome manuscripts, including original research, review articles, communications, and technical notes, which encompass one or more of the topics described above. We welcome studies that link cells, matrices, cell biology, and assessment of physiologic function. We are also interested in systems modeling studies that are based on original datasets.

Relevant research topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Stem cells;
  • Organ-on-a-chip (microphysiological systems);
  • Matrix and matrix generation;
  • Tissue engineering;
  • 3D printing of matrices for tissue engineering;
  • Microenvironment and microenvironmental changes in tissue matrices;
  • Solid organ generation;
  • Histopathology;
  • Regeneration;
  • Genomics and genetics of these topics.

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