Cellular Metabolism

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The “Cellular Metabolism” section of Cells aims to stimulate research that focuses on the cell in its environment over the course of development, maintenance, and aging in order to understand how cells and cellular networks may reprogram the metabolism to ensure functionality and how changes in the metabolism may impact cellular homeostasis and activity in normal and disease conditions. We welcome manuscripts, including original research, review articles, communications, and technical notes, that emphasize the role of cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous mechanisms in priming metabolic states and tuning metabolic responses at the cell and cell-network levels. We welcome studies that link cellular metabolism with molecular sciences, cell biology, and physiology, as well as innovative studies based on multi-disciplinary approaches. We also welcome systems modeling studies that are based on original datasets. Relevant research topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Links between cellular metabolism and cellular activity;
  • Adaptive metabolism;
  • Cell type-specific metabolism;
  • Longitudinal analysis of cellular metabolism;
  • Metabolism in post-mitotic cells;
  • Metabolism and intracellular trafficking;
  • Links between epigenetic regulation and cellular metabolism;
  • Temporal dynamics of metabolic regulation and metabolic responses;
  • Metabolic role of extracellular vesicles;
  • Links between environmental stressors and cellular metabolism;
  • Reciprocal effects between cellular aging and cellular metabolism;
  • Metabolic changes in disease conditions;
  • Metabolic systems modeling;
  • Integration of metabolomic data with other layers of molecular regulation;
  • Metabolic profiling and precision medicine;
  • Molecular and cellular reprogramming using metabolic factors.

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