Nanostructured Catalysts

A section of Catalysts (ISSN 2073-4344).

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The Section “Nanostructured Catalysts” aims to publish promising recent research and novel trends in the design, synthesis, modelling, and catalytic application of nanomaterials, with a particular focus on green chemical processes.

This section encompasses catalysis by nanoparticles (including colloidal, supported, alloy, and core–shell structures), nanocomposites (where intimate contact is engineered between two or more unique phases at the nanoscale), and nanoporous materials (including zeolites and MOFs), and by single atoms or sites (including single atom alloys and immobilised homogeneous catalysts). Material classes include metals, oxides, semiconductors, carbons, and polymers.

Original contributions addressing the tailored synthesis and physicochemical characterization of such nanomaterials, their atomistic and/or molecular computational modelling and simulation, and those devoted to the development of quantitative structure–function relationships and associated predictors that offer fundamental insight into the nature of active sites and reaction mechanisms are welcome. Studies exploring the synthetic scale-up of nanocatalysts are also encouraged. Applications of nanocatalysts to new ‘benign-by-design’ and/or ultraselective chemical transformations are particularly desirable.

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