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The “Electrocatalysis” section of the journal Catalysts aims at publishing original, novel and high-impact contributions related to this cross-disciplinary field of electrochemistry, and will attract the interest of chemists, physicists, biochemists, surface and materials scientists, and engineers. Electrocatalysts are of great importance since they can be utilized in a large array of research fields, including corrosion science, electroanalytical sensors, waste water treatment, electro-organic synthesis and energy conversion and storage devices. The field of electrocatalysis has grown notably, mainly driven by the urgent need for advanced catalytic materials in electrochemical energy-related technologies. Progress in these fields continues to be of primary relevance for the development of highly-efficient and environmentally-benign industrial electrochemical processes.

The “Electrocatalysis” section invites submissions of communications, research papers, and review articles in the following subject areas, but without being limited to them:

  • mechanisms and kinetics of electrochemical reactions;
  • electrochemical reactions in fuel cells, electrolysers, metal–air batteries, other energy conversion or storage devices;
  • electrosynthesis, organic electrochemistry, and electrocatalytic hydrogenation;
  • electrochemical conversion of CO2;
  • electrode reactions occurring in electrochemical sensors;
  • electrochemical reactions taking place on an electrode surface.

The open access journal Catalysts, in general, and this section on electrocatalysts, in particular, offers high quality peer review followed by a rapid publication decision.

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